Back Again

This year has been full of changes.Watching others face changes really makes me think.  Some people are open to change, respond to it positively and use the change to improve life, it not seeming to matter if they like the change or not.    Other people resent any change at all and don’t even take the time to think about the pros and cons of that change.  I don’t understand the second point of view.  May I politely insist that if you are in that second group that you consider CHANGING your response to change?

One of the changes this year is that I met my partner.  Ken is awesome, smart, supportive, and the best person I could ever have hoped to go through this adventure of life with.

Another change is that I’ve been trying to take charge and figure out these crazy moods I go through that most other people seem not to.  Visiting a doctor gave me a diagnosis of depression and bipolar, both of which are easily controlled with the medicine he gave me.

Now that I’m back to feeling like a normal person again, I’m back to making positive changes to get myself back to the point I had reached and beyond. 


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