Catching up

Catching back up to all the changes I’ve tried to make before has been a trial and error process.

Starting out drinking bottles of water a day seemed to be a decent way to get the hydration my body needs.  A few problems with this. One was that I got a headache from drinking too much water This is my own assumption not proved by science but…I had a headache every day that I downed bottles of water and no headache on days I didn’t so hmmmmm..another issue was the guilt over using plastic water bottles because of both the environmental effects and the effects of the plastic on the water I was drinking.

So my solution was to increase my electrolyte intake, buy a couple reusable cups, and I added the use of water enhancers.  Tastes better, feels better, and not to mention it helps things move along with my Crohns’s!

Started using myfitpal app to see where I’m eating right and what I need to change.  Makes eating right a cinch.

Started using the app called regularly to set things to get done like studying Spanish, reading the news, working out, even fleaing my animals.  I like it because you can set tasks at any interval like every other day or even every 42 days or 4 days.  Handy and we all know how motivating crossing off things on our to do lists is.

So I’m getting there, catching back up.


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