The Sixth Change

It has been quite a while and quite a lot has changed.  I was riding my bike to work one morning (being in the bakery, it’s my norm to go into work well before the sun comes up) and saw several shooting stars.  I actually wished upon those stars that something big would happen that day that would change my life in a good way.

So I go to work and several hours later the phone rings in the bakery and the caller asks for me…

Turns out that the Publix that I was orignially working at up in Melbourne really needed another cake decorator and wanted to see if I still wanted to come back!


So I moved back to Central Florida.

Having moved off of an island I then had to get a car, so I now own a Mercedes Benz through another stroke of good luck – a friend of a friend was willing to take payments.

My sister texts me one afternoon a week or so before I moved back up here asking if she could move down here with me.  Chantel is one of my baby sisters and definitely the most book-minded of us all.  We all have our different strengths and her’s is science for sure.  I can’t wait to see what she ends up doing.   So when she asked to move down?


I’m sure glad she’s down here, we really balance each other out.  Where she’s been sheltered as shit (how do you put gas in a car?) I can help her.  Where I get frustrated easy and have a weak faith, she’s right there with the strength. 

Also good considering how Publix seems to want to make me quit or something.  I knew that I was going to pay back the moving bonus I got for going down to Key West and only staying 1 year instead of 2 but I understood that it would only be 20 or 30 dollars a week, not $250 a week!!!!  Shoot, I didn’t even freak out when I got that letter because I assumed it was a typo, nobody could live on that! 

After what seemed like hours on the phone and a million phone calls, they have lowered it to $150 a week but even with that I can’t pay my bills completely.  So finances lately have been an upside down struggle.

Decided to put my father’s house on the market.  I’m unhappy with every place that I rent and I feel like the tenants that I have in that house are not respecting my father’s last wishes (They put his urn in the shed!) or me (they make getting a hold of them hard and collecting the rent ulcer inducing).

So I am still around, here I am back with more changes.



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