Another Day

We got legally married!  It wasn’t exactly the most exciting feeling in the world considering how we’ve already been married.  There’s no question that our anniversary will be on the wedding day of course.  It’s too bad that our officiant couldn’t get the trouble with her green card straightened out but the whole thing was sort of expected with the speed the system works.

I was on such a roll, now I’m in a daze of oh aunt flo you bitch just get it over with already.  Pms comfort from herbpharm was and is amazing but…the cloudy thoughts and exhausted are still too much.

Still moving forward, just really slowly.  I find it hard not to get too busy and just focus on one item on my to-do list at a time instead of ten.

Might be easier if I wasn’t having so much fun with the new Dragon Age game on the Xbox1..I love me some video games.



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