When your mood is unpredictable

My mood is like the weather in Florida.  It changes rapidly and the saying is that if you don’t like the weather in Florida, just wait ten minutes. 

Unfortunately my mood doesn’t come with hourly reports, apps for forecasting, and a channel dedicated to it.  I could see a show forming on the concept of the worst Jackie Moods though.  Cat 5 rage coming up this afternoon in the bakery, everyone take cover.

Having decided that I am going to love life means further preparations of a “toolbox” of things to help me get out of a bad mood.  I really attempted to go down the list when I was mad the other night but I couldn’t concentrate to journal, couldn’t find a story that was half decent and am in between books, it was too late to call anyone, too late for music, a game wouldn’t download…yeah I can honestly say that I tried.  I succeeded in getting away by myself even though I couldn’t explain at the time why I had to storm out and sleep on the couch.


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