Beach Wedding

October 13th, 2014

I’m going to marry Ken.  This is the biggest, happiest change in my life so far so I’m going to devote a section here solely for it.

We think that since a big fairytale wedding was never either of our dreams that we’re going to do this on a smaller scale both guest quantity and financially.

So far we’ve rented the venue, the clubhouse at Pelican Beach in Satellite Beach, Florida.   Renting for the entire day was $150.




December 9th, 2014

I finished turning some of Ken’s old cigar boxes into a more personal and formal way of ”proposing” to my sisters to be my maid of honor and bridesmaids.  We shopped around at Dollar Tree and Michaels for most of the supplies but we already had a printer and general crafting stuff like the hole puncher and a glue gun.  Ken made holes in the shell for my oldest sister’s box, she’s going to be my maid of honor.  With her love of everything Halloween I think she’ll get a kick out of her box!  All in all with the coupon for Michaels out of the newspaper they all cost $28 together




January 2nd, 2015

After ordering everything we needed, making several rough drafts, and sloughing our way through the holidays…here we are with a completed guest list and our save the dates.

We decided to go with magnetic postcards for the save the dates and combined our beachy theme with our humor, and some awesome ideas from Pinterest.

Ken got me this kick ass tablet for Christmas.  I love it and thankfully he gave it to me early since I used it to purchase most of the presents I got for everyone!  I used a combination of the free photo editing apps that you can download to come up with these 4 versions and the final.

Save the Date version 1Save the date version 2Save the date version 3untitled (9)

Like I said….we have humor, humor and stomach problems turn into these save the dates.  I shopped around for all the supplies of course but we ran across half the magnetic postcards on accident.  We were walking around in a new Michael’s and found a pack of the cards on clearance for $6!  The other half was online at Target for $30.  I ordered the stamps from…loads cheaper than the wedding ones from any other site (these were the same price as regular stamps just not so…American Flaggyish).  Those were $50.  Next I ordered some pretty blue envelopes from for $25 and got free shipping since I ordered most of the Christmas gifts at the same time.  Ken had extra ink since his printer is pretty new and he got it at BJ’s.  My handwriting is alright so no calligraphy.  All in all $111 for the save the dates.

And the final version:

Save the Date

January 26th 2015

I got my passport book in the mail today! After struggling to get an acceptable photo from Walgreens (the first one was too light) with a coupon that was $9. Found out the courthouse doesn’t take debit cards so off to get a couple money orders totaling $125. Then just a long wait to see if it would be rejected due to my father’s use of an illegal alias on my birth certificate. I suppose that’s frowned apon by some, but apparently not the government in this country. Ha. So $134 covered my barely legal passport. Now onto the next thing!


February 9th 2015

Today was very productive. After paging through dozens of glossy bridal magazines, trying on dresses at both David’s Bridal and Meredith’s Bridal, spending hours on Pinterest, Amazon, Google, and…here were the contenders (all under my budget of $800).








After all these dresses I just wanted to be done with this part! Luckily the next one I tried on at David’s Bridal was the one and it fit me just fine off the rack!

So tax and all I got a beautiful dress and some great coupons thrown in (free earrings, free shutterfly book, $20 off bridesmaids dresses, and quite a few more) for $374!

Next up was getting my maid of honor down here for the wedding, that set me back $314 for a one way ticket from Chicago to Orlando. So worth it though, I gotta have my sister’s ALL here with me.

February 28th 2015

We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, our last as a dating couple, next year we’ll be celebrating it as husband and wife. I’m really lucky to have Ken, he’s so incredibly patient with me and all my ups and downs.

We ordered the invitations from David’s bridal online, using a 30% off coupon that came with my dress. Ordered on February 20th and got them on February 25th. No issues whatsoever.

Total came to $207 for the invitations, envelopes, inner envelopes, reception card, response card, and response card envelopes and the shipping to us. Ran down to the post office and verified that the stamps would be .70 and that’s great because we have a bunch of those left over from the save the dates!


Wedding Budget $3000
Actual Cost $1218


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