Changing my outlook on motherhood – baby games

It’s amazing how different parenting is compared to what I imagined it would be.  One thing I didn’t expect was how fun teaching him new things could be.  I’ve been looking up and thinking up new things to help my baby experience new things and learn. Here’s some of the awesome fun things we’ve done at home so far! Hope you find these as amusing as we did. 

“Finger” painting
Toys in a gelatin mold
Water and sponges
Pulling up painters tape
Playing with a light toy
Playing with Jumbo noodles

I’ve done a few more also, like hiding cereal under clear plastic cups for him to get to, putting things in an empty kleenex box for him to pull out, and he has learned to high five like a pro. 

I’m always looking for more activities to do with him, watching him learn amazes me. I can on one hand easily understand why daycare workers love their job and on the other also easily understand why only children can seem more advanced at this stage. 

Hope to post more fun soon. 


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