The uncensored change to motherhood

So…I’m officially a really real mama now. Here’s the story copied from a few days after his birth. Completely honest, uncensored, dirty, and painful, and beautiful, and miraculous.


Birth Story:  I was scheduled to be induced on the 27th due to mild pre-eclampsia but after an extremely high blood pressure reading and more protein at my Dr’s on the 23rd, they sent me right over to labor and delivery where they decided to induce that day. 

After checking the Dr said that my cervix was so high up she couldn’t even reach it…so it hurt like a b*tch when she crammed the cervidil up there. Told me to lay down for 2 hours, then I could get up for the rest room or whatever I needed for the next 10 after that and that they would induce me with pitocin the next morning at 7a.m. 

An hour and a half later they removed the cervidil since I couldn’t take the pain it was causing and I was having tons of contractions and cramping.  They gave me an ambien with directions to get as much sleep as possible before being induced in the morning.  Not even 2 hours later I paged the nurse saying there was no way I could sleep through these contractions and she came in and checked me.  I knew I was in labor but they all seemed shocked about it and after calling my midwife to tell her I was allowed an epidural.  I fully plan on sending that anesthesiologist an edible arrangement!

After that it felt like things happened fast: the midwife got there, broke the bed down, and walked me through pushing during contractions.  I’ve always imagined giving birth in a crowded, sterile, brightly lit hospital room but this was way different – they lowered the lights except the few around the bed and incubator, my husband stayed by my side holding my hand and helping me push, and everyone’s attitudes were lighthearted and humor filled.  I pushed for an hour and a half before Rion was born with his arm tucked around his head (ouch). 

I was able to have skin time with Rion right away.  He was so hungry that he latched and then fed until they took him away for his tests.  They took Rion at that point to the NICU because of low blood sugar and low body heat and as we had talked about ahead of time, my husband went with him.  I had to spend the next hour or so getting stitched up. 

It all still seems like a dream (the ambien really helped that part along).  I can’t believe I’m a mom now.   I thought it was silly all the people saying how in love they were with their newborns, but now I see that this love is real: a true love that’s to huge to describe.  Sitting here now on the 26th, my husband and I are celebrating our first wedding anniversary and are truly grateful for our beautiful baby boy. 



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