The change of returning. 

Sometimes the biggest change you can make in life is returning to something from your past. Today for me it suddenly struck me that this blog made a huge difference for me in my life.  It’s a way of release, it’s motivating, and I feel like maybe (way big maybe but it’s a possibility!) someone else can benefit from this too.  

So I’ll be back regularly and returning to my mission of changing myself and the world. 

The biggest change as you can probably guess is that my son was born.  He’s more than I could have hoped for: happy, healthy, and cute.   

We sold my home and now live in my husband’s home while remodeling it, it’s a cluttered confusion. 

I’m definitely going through some sort of post partum depression, have a bladder prolapse from giving birth, but I am SOOO ready to continue positive changes in my life!  

Where should I start from here? 


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