New News

We just got done with the 20 week ultrasound.   That’s the big halfway there,  anatomy ultrasound.   Rion was pretty still for once, and everything went pretty smoothly.  We do need to get a follow up ultrasound at a specialist due to some cysts in his brain but they said they are extremely common and dissappear within a week or 2 most of the time so I am choosing not to worry about them.  I just will not let my mind wander down that path.  

We have some time off for the next few days because I was trying to suprise Ken with a Valentine’s Babymoon Getaway.   Unfortunately finances,  family, and the Zika virus stepped in the way of that.   So we still get the time off but we’re going to use it to work on the house instead.   Hopefully my house sells soon so we can get this remodel underway!

The "front yard" aka jungle yard

Today we got some more stuff out of my house and plan to have it all the way empty by the time we go back to work.   Also on my list for that time is to empty ken’s house of all the stuff that can go into storage until we move, get thrown out, or donated.   I’m going to take some “before” pictures today – I don’t know if hoarder or bachelor is the better description of this mess.   Oh man.

After those 2 big tasks the first room to actually get redone will be Rion’s nursery.   We’re going for a turtle theme, and I can’t wait to get started. 

The "sunporch" aka scary porch

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