Moving on

I’m actually getting somewhere with this mop on my head.  Very slowly but I am.

  I moved yesterday.  Kind of.  Officially. 

We’ve been living out of 2 homes for about a year now and let me explain how confusing that is: imagine having to get up and go to work and you forgot your work shoes at your other house.  Imagine you’re getting ready for bed but have to run to the nearest Walgreens instead because you forgot your contact case at the other house (you now have 12 cases at the other house).  Groceries seem to be constantly expiring because you always need only the ones at the house you’re not at.   Imagine having to split your animals between houses because it’s just not feasible to uproot and move your cats every 3 or 4 now all that nonsense is done! Yay! 

Life just got much simpler.  


…Except for the animals because now we’ve combined all 3 cats, 2 dogs, and the bird plus my sister’s 3 cats all under one roof and that’s just a lot of confusion while their figuring each other out. 

We put an offer down on a property we’re wanting.   We think it could become a perfect home for our family.  It’s just under 3 acres way out in the country and has nothing but woods and a small pond on it.  It’s on a nice road, the neighbors seem nice,  and it’s zoned so we can get a horse! If the offer is accepted we plan to put a mobile home on the property to stay in while building a home and remodeling his home to sell it.   Lots going on.  

I was able to go down to part time at Publix so that I can actually have a chance at getting all this extra stuff taken care of.   Ken seems to be able to handle coming home from work and then working at home but I get tired!

Going to put my head back down,  quit staring into the future daydreaming,  and get back to work on this hair.   Today’s question is where did the red color go?  Did pregnancy hormones just change my hair dye results or what?  


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