How to control emotions without medicine

Any medicine has it’s pitfalls: side effects, financial costs, effort and time to take the medicine regularly.  Medicines that effect your emotions seen to be somewhat unproven.  Not in the fact that they work, but in the way.  It’s like a scientist came up with an idea that sounded like it may work and it did, but they aren’t entirely sure how. 

So, if antidepressants work by increasing the amount of serotonin in your body, then how can you naturally boost it?

Is there a difference between a chemical imbalance and a hormonal imbalance?

There are about a million blogs, articles, and research results about naturally “curing” your emotional disorders and raising your serotonin levels. The subject is already so covered it’s not funny.  Funny thing is that with all the different sources, all of the information is the same: with the best possible diet, sleep, exercise, stress relief, and social habits, you can ease and/or cure emotional disorders.

A chemical imbalance is seemingly the same as a hormone imbalance, just a different word.

Again, same cure.  Live right. 

Huh.  That was retarded.  Evidently the only way to feel good is to be healthy…


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