Quit telling me I can’t.

It was a challenge the other day accomplishing those things I wanted to get done: skateboard, trying a new place to eat, and planting something new (and ahem….alive) by the mailbox. 

It was one of those days where each task you wanted to complete led to what felt like a million others to get done in order to finish that single one.

Skateboarding:  find the board under my bed (…why?), the wrist guards in a grocery bag on the bookshelf (…what?), the tool to tighten the trucks on the board (I’m not into the death wobble), Bella’s harness (back seat of the Honda).

The plant:  Rain.  Not feeling good.  My phone going bonkers while researching the plants at home depot.  Found the plant and it’s here now, it’s a beautiful desert rose.

The food:  Ken’s car broke down an hour away.  Improvised and ended up eating at a hot dog place called Mutts.  I’m not a picky eater but…hey the customer service and atmosphere were great though.

Got the next few days off.  I hope to use them to revamp things because life isn’t working like this.  It’s extremely unpleasant.

Now that I understand antidepressants I want to look into how to control emotions without medicines.


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