I’m not sim

It’s a new day and I’m tired already.  Getting out of bed may provide me with additional energy, who knows?

I had a headache yesterday but went to church anyways.  I owe God some extra praise for not letting Erika turn into horrible hurricane. 

We’ve been going to East Coast Christian whenever we’ve had the chance.  Yesterday was the first time that we’ve actually spoke to anyone though.  Her name was Ann and she said that she usually goes there with her husband but that he was working yesterday.  I’m so glad that Ken likes going to church that I would never want to tell him that this one isn’t a perfect fit for me.  I’m sure God has a plan.  Things change, and maybe God’s plan is that I will grow to love it. 

I did make a CD with some uplifting music in hopes that it may help me at work.

Today’s agenda is filled with chores and errands, oh my.  Back to work tomorrow.


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