Screw off, Devil

I’m trying.  Honestly, I can at least say that. 

Getting off this pill has proven to be an extremely difficult endeavor though.

My balance is off, I’m full of rage and hatred, I’m exhausted, I’m weak…

My faith is still strong though, ha devil you thought you had me!   I pulled our baker aside and had him pray with me before work yesterday though.  That worked. 

Ken is going to call my father’s best friend Patrick today and talk to him about working with him.  They definitely need people.

We’ve been getting our butts kicked at Publix all week with the National Hurricane Center having first Danny, then Erika heading near, away, straight at, then north of us.  I would expect the amount of bread, water, batteries, etc., sold but what’s up with the cheesecakes?  Just going down my hurricane preparedness kit; yep I can check off cheesecake.

Ken sent me kick ass flowers at work. Chamunga.  Best flowers ever.  Soooo pretty.  And the smell!  Hard to keep my eyes on the road driving home with that in the car.



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