I love this couch.

Yesterday I worked hard to match up the amount of change inside the house with what Ken got done outside the house on his day off.  I definitely succeeded in that goal.  The house is nowhere near clean or organized but is much more easier to live in.

It’s funny how the more time I spend over here at Ken’s house, the more of an effort it seems to be to spend time at my own home.  There’s so much work to be done in both places on top of not even knowing whether or not we’re even going to keep my house.  I think the decision there will have to be a financial one.  Hopefully the stock market doesn’t keep going down then. 


I’m reading a book called War Room, a novelization by Chris Fabry based on a movie by the same name.  It’s extremely well written and I feel like as well as being a entertaining book, it’s also already teaching me quite a bit.  It’s very true that I shouldn’t pray for someone to be less annoying versus for them to be more blessed.  That’s the only way to solve the whole issue really, I just never thought of it. 

In the book an older lady, Clara, has a cleared out closet in her home that she uses specifically for praying, studying her bible, and just being alone with God.  It’s an awesome idea actually. 

I used a sugar waving kit yesterday.  I wanted to try at home waxing since the kit is $20 and getting it done is $70.  It’s actually very easy.  I could see how it could be very painful for some people but coming from a lady who epilated for over a year it really doesn’t.  The only thing that sucked was the fact that they didn’t even give me enough strips of the paper to finish half of one leg.  Somehow Ulta doesn’t sell just the strips either.  What the…?

Yesterday was even better with the withdrawal symptoms from the citoploram.   I took just a quarter of the pill in the early afternoon when I started to feel shifty (yeah I know that makes me sound like a criminal but that is the only way I know how to describe the terrible feeling it causes, like a shift between your brain and eyes or your balance and vision or something).  Erie up this morning without feeling achy.  Finally.  Yay!

I’m taking today for my Sabbath.  Good said to rest one day a week and by golly I’m going to do that today.


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