Rough Driving

Saturday began well enough, but after getting out the door on time and grabbing some coffee from Dunkin Donuts I still ended up being late.  Getting a flat tire is a pretty good excuse though.  Husband Man to the rescue!  Got to work and the day practically flew by.  Everyone keeps saying we’re busier because the kids are back in school but I just can’t see how that would increase sales a Florida bakery near the beach.  People eat all year around.  People have parties all year around.  Also, this area increases in population over the summer, not decreases.  Well, whatever the reason.

Sunday was even busier.  We practically had people climbing the counter for bread, they were taking cakes faster than we could decorate them, and my GOSH that phone had to have beat some sort of record.  The baker called in and so the assistant had to bake as well as her own and at the same time had to attempt to deal with the fact that her son had run away again.  Kids can be so stressful in a way I never realized from this side of the coin.

Came home and shaved the dogs (to say they needed it would be quite the understatement).  Whew did we sleep good!

I’m concerned about Ken because he said his stomach is really acting up.  I hope I didn’t cause it by being grumpy yesterday.  Not sure what to do when it feels like there’s a tornado in my head.  Is that the bipolar?  He also is very tired and hasn’t gotten enough rest in quite a few days in a row now. 

Today was equally as exciting.  The assistant had to call in due to something that occurred with her son sometime last night and having to go to court today.  Publix got the product they wanted and by golly we won’t fall behind this week because I didn’t work hard enough.  At least that I know.


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