Small Changes

I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere again.  I know I am but new stuff keeps popping up every five minutes or so.  Everything will be done in God’s timing, yes?  Okay I’ll leave that overwhelmed feeling back where I had it.  I updated my to-do list so I won’t forget to do anything and then continued on my way. 

My interview is for the day after tomorrow.  I want it and yet it terrifies me.  I got the clothes to wear to the interview.  I’m studying up on Disney facts.  They’re desserts are just awesome.

Ken’s out at the ranch attempting to hunt but like the rest of central Florida is getting rained out. 

I’m still trying to come up with a food plan that will work for me.  Right now I’m failing again.  I don’t yo yo crazily but I still yo yo between somewhat healthy and I want to kill myself by eating McDonald’s.  Yuck. 

Okay now it’s two days later.  I just got home from seeing my Aunt and Uncle and the Disney interview over in Orlando.  I liked the interviewer, he was kind and easy to communicate with.  They do a lot of interviews every day.  It’s seriously crazy to have a whole building just to hire and interview.  I understand the necessity with so many people employed. 

I am on a waiting list to get into pastry and cakes.  They have different tiers of it and understandably for such a huge company, everyone starts out simple and then moves up.  As soon as they have an opening they will call or email.  That’s cool.

Pretty stressed about my personal life right now.   I want to take care of everything right away and I can’t, I know I’m supposed to leave everything to God and his timing but I see problems festering and its nerve wracking to me.


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