God’s Challenges

I’m totally mad today.  WTF though for real.  I’m tired. My stomach hurts.  But mostly I’m mad.

Evidently my ‘friend’ that I got the job working with me is completely obsessed with me and I (obviously) don’t want anything to do with that and can’t believe he even has the balls to let those words come of his mouth to our coworkers.  I’m obviously going to have to make the only logical decision there is to make and never.ever. hang out with him again.  This respect of my husband is one hundred percent unacceptable.  Not happening.  I love Ken and have his back a thousand percent.  What kind of idiot would try to get in the middle of a love like ours?!


Work was terrible.  My boss is offensive.  Really fucking offensive.  You called me not the marrying type?  Now you say my husband’s old?  She has been dealing with this wedding cake for a couple months now. Normally I do but she was there when the order came in.  She said from the very first that she would do it.  She told me that repeatedly.  I went over the order with her carefully and made sure she had all the material.  She looked and said we did. Now all of a sudden the day before the order is hanging on the wrong day, she’s calling around for a stand she said we already had, and she tells me I’m doing the cake. 

“You’re the decorator, aren’t you?”

The supplies still aren’t in and she left the baked cake sitting out uncovered when she left.  Early.  Again.

Dry cake anyone?

If these people wanted bad quality they would have shopped at Wal-Mart you yaywhoo boss. 

Honestly, I considered calling out to assure she’ll make the cake so that they’ll definitely get what they want…but I think I can do better for the customers and company overall if I go in and do what I can. 

Again: if today was a test I failed that bitch. 

I pray for peace.  Patience.  Calm. 
I can’t find a job that pays this well, is this close to home, and with benefits like these.  Plus I wouldn’t be comfortable at a new job.  At least at first.  New jobs are terrifying.  I actually got fired from my first paying job at Arby’s because I was so nervous that I couldn’t function.  The idea of Publix is great.  To be green, be the best in customer service, have great product.  It was started because George Jenkins had an idea and went to his then supervisor at Piggly Wiggly.  When he was not given the time of day, he decided to open his own company and run it on the basis of happy employees (who are also partial owners through stock purchase options)would take better care of the company and customer.  It sounds like until it grew too big and/or George went to live with Jesus, that they succeeded with that.  Now…I don’t know.  They give it an effort that’s for sure.  They survey the employees once a year, provide its an anonymous line to call loss prevention, and give us a way to easily submit ideas.  I’m stumped on what to do about my current situation. 

Mostly my question concerns that fact that I know my boss has brains, attitude, and a huge dream to succeed.  How do I successfully help her become the manager she needs to be to succeed?  She needs managerial tutoring or something. Ha. 

Truth be told after getting all this out of my head and drinking a glass of wine it seems that the way I handled the second half of the day is perhaps the way it needs to go.  I kept to myself.  The bible says be joyful.  I can be joyful and quiet if that’s what will lower the stress level of this bakery.  I know that my mood changes everyone else’s mood.  I tried denying that but for crying out loud it happens everyday.  Are my vibes too strong? 

I’ll try again tomorrow.  I predict another test will come my way.


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