Up in smoke.

Woke up early this morning and laid in bed discussing current issues Ken and I are facing.  They really are not much, especially considering how blessed we are in general.  Everything will fall into place, of that I don’t doubt.  I wish I could help Ken destress though.  I mean damn cause he looses sleep over this stuff.

I’m seriously overwhelmed and tired today.  Our stand-in bakery manager says I’m doing a good job.  I’m honestly shocked.  I thought I was going to get told off again. 

I just have to relax.  If today was a test from God of my patience, I most certainly blew it to smithereens.

I already know, tomorrow will be an even greater challenge in the patience department.  I’m going to keep my calm.  I swear, I’m gonna. 

After work was better – I beat Dragon Age!  Good game.  Awesome.  Totally deserving of the game of the year award.  Also, I’m totally stealing a line one of the characters said, “Nobody wants to admit that they shit the bed.”



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