Plodding Along.

I want to be a good person.  I don’t want complain or gossip.  I want to work hard without constantly thinking about how I’m not enjoying myself while I’m doing so.  This is a challenge though.  Being positive, I guess is the general description of what I want to be. 


Checking in with my goals today.  Starting over with the health goal, healthy eating.  I did better than normal but not as good as I wanted.  I’m doing good on the financial goal, keeping track of my money and not overspending.  On the spiritual goal, I’m doing great!  Ready to start the third step ahead of time.  Tithing is simple enough once you are determined to do it.  On the family goal?  Ehh, not so good.  I haven’t done anything.  The realtor never returned my call so I haven’t got an appointment set up and I think I put the first two goals in the wrong order.  Why fix up the house if we’re going down a path that it isn’t going to be a part of? 

Publix is making me concerned for our customers.  I feel like I can’t keep up with the amount of product they want done if I go the quality route.  They make sure we know customers are first.  I love that about my company.  As a customer that’s what’s up for real.  We probably have enough product made to satisfy the customers, but I’m worried that with the much lower amount of hours for decorators than we used to have that I won’t be able to learn new techniques and be creative like I used to get compliments on all the time.

Worried about calling my mom.  Evidently she has made the decision that she can stay at my house and I’ll pay her twenty five hundred to do so.  Yeah.  No.  Yes, I’ve forgiven her for her mistakes previously.  No I haven’t forgotten them.  My older sister keeps popping up reminding me she needs dental care on the double.  Look dude, we told you the bulimia would do that.  She’s stopped now but the thing is, she did it.  I’m working on helping both my mom and my sister, but I have things to get done also.  The regular daily routine takes all day for crying out loud.  My friend Nick keeps reminding me that he wants to hang out because he’s self diagnosed himself with a social awkwardish disorder that I can’t recall the name of.  I know him well enough to want to scream that he just is A) Normal and B) Comparing his social life to shows, books,movies,etc. I’ll go hang out with him but holy cow I must look bored and dumb lately or something.


Stressing about all that.  Sucks.  Called my aunt and she totally busted me out by saying quit working, leave it with God.  Just pray.

Wow I can be dense.


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