Regular days?!

Two days off in a row!  Cool. 

I finished my three months of using the mood tracking app.  Now I just need to figure out how to analyze and use that information. 

Got the pool table cleared off.  He says he wants to keep it.  It’s humongous for such a rarely used thing but there are covers that go on them to make them tables which is cool. 

Went through some of my dad’s stuff.  Wow, what a mess kids are.  Whatever made me think my dad would enjoy receiving a letter with Lisa Frank and Beanie Baby stickers all over it is beyond me.  He kept all the letters from both Jordan and I.  Going through them I see why, from our only communication being those letters, that he would think Jordan as being a rather normal older sister instead of one with so many difficult issues.

Got the dining room table cleared off.  Surprisingly fast actually.  Amazing the stuff you find when you clear the clutter.  I think this is a fourth load I’ll be taking to Goodwill. 

Next is the the front hallway closet.  What to do with the solar panels for the roof that are in there? Hmm.  The roof is leaky plus we’re not entirely sure on our future housing situation.  A Dracula costume? What?

Bella to the vet today for her yearly shots.  We’re switching her to the vet that performed Sasha’s surgery, the Palm Bay Animal Clinic.  They seem a thousand percent more competent, friendly, and more reasonably priced then her previous vet, The Melbourne Animal Hospital.

Church was good.  It’s always about what your life currently needs.  How the…?  This week was about living spiritually.  Next week is about finding your way back to God.  They have a date night thing on Saturday night.  No idea what the heck that is but sounds fun. 


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