Change that.

Change that, it’s not always about money.  Is about God’s will.  Leave it to me to go through all the steps to reach all my wills abd then the very day that I finish I read an article about making sure you’re only setting yourself up for each goal knowing your destination may be different.  It’s true but not something I had considered.  If I carefully set up a hundred detailed steps to something tart different than what God’s plans turn out to be for me than that’s not lot of productive time spent now is it?  It’s good that on the last two goal areas that I could only do the first few steps-seems to be all I’ll be  able to complete at a time!


I’m questioning today wether part time or full time is the answer for my current situation and what would be the best choice in all our combined assets. 

His house is a mess.  Not paid off and needs maintenance.  Really and truly.  Cluttered and dirty.  Dark and dreary.  My house is bright and clean but lacking in maintainance.    It standing without home owners insurance is worrisome even if it’s paid off.

We have three cars, one used by my sister’s and two by us. 

We have my older sister to care for.

We both have debts, no savings, but some minimumal investments in stocks.

Let me pray.

Praying leads me to think patience is the name of the game at the moment.  I have a hard time waiting once I know what I want but at least I know I’m on the right path.

I’m definitely thankful for the way God has blessed me. 

For now I’ll just keep up with these goals and changes.  I have a marked better outlook on the future.  Need work on this whole patience thing though, for real!

Several things I’ve learned in just the last couple weeks: Eating better makes a huge difference on all aspects of my life from my stomach not hurting to saving me money.  Making a meal plan requires actually sticking to a meal plan though.  Oops.  Proving my belief in God changes everything, it’s insane to have to ask forgiveness because I obviously wanted him not to be real to make my own life easier.  I wanted/want my faith to be real of course, but to follow the guidelines the bible lays out will be difficult. 


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