It’s always the money.

Another day in the bakery.  Everyday is a good day until it’s a work day.  I used to enjoy work until I finally realized that unlike any other job, this one you are never good enough.  It doesn’t make me feel good.  What’s to be done though? 

I feel like God’s saying listen to the earth.  The earth says to quit being so mean.  It’s true.  I have faith.  No viable doubts that God and therefore Jesus exists.  So umm.. yeah I need to quit being a big mean-head. 

I don’t know how to do that.

I made it through my first spiritual goal.  I can’t wait to go to the Christian store and shop!  I’m a bit distressed about the results.  I have proved to myself that I know God is real BUT that means that my only excuse for behaving my way is low will power and self control. 

I’ll keep up with that, but next up is my financial plan.  My goal is to win the lottery. 

Just kidding.  That’d be nice and I’ll continue to pray and play but I’ll work on a slightly more certain plan. 

My goal is to have all our debts paid off, the houses maintainance up to date, bills a month ahead, three months of savings the bank, and an income coming in that equals our current weekly incomes without us having to actually work.

Steps to get there. Well, I’m working on developing those steps.  I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with this since we still need to speak with the my realtor and Ken’s money guy for their advice before proceeding.  I can list what steps I have so far that I know will get me headed in the right direction so I’ll start with those to get my feet moving forward. 

1)  1 Month I will set up and use a budget that includes my cost of living as well as money to invest, save, and tithe.  Any left over will go towards whatever current project we have going on.
2) 2 Weeks I will get a current list of all our debt and our credit reports.
3) 3 Weeks I will organize all of our paperwork and regular bills to streamline and declutter that area.

A lot of our decisions really revolve around what advice the realtor and accountant have for us but this will definitely get us on the right path. 

I have an interview with Disney next week.  I’m excited and scared.  There’s so many ways my path can can go from here.


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