This Goal is a hopedream


Next, I am going to decide how to reach my family goal.  I was going to do financial or career but simply put, family comes first and financial encompasses family and career. 

To back up a bit first, I’m having a hard time eating healthy.  I know I’ll have more energy if I do but DAMN I love donuts.

Returning to today.  BTW really getting into Dragon Age Inquisition.  This game is huge.  Also, gorgeous.  The storyline is one of those that suck you in and also one that inspires you.  I give myself having a hard time not talking about it – Ken plays games too so if he gets into this one, I wouldn’t want to ruin it for him.


So, a family goal.  I can list a lot of wants we have: we want a clean house, we want a home between the coast and Orlando with some land, he wants a child and I want what he wants (I honestly can go either way).

I guess I’ve been thinking about this as more of a dream or a hope.  I made sure we had the all important child talk before marriage as well as the what do you want in life talk.  I like my house.  His house is a bachelourized wreck.  Dirty, cluttered, dark, hoarders and pickers could both film episodes here.  A whole series probably.  I like my home base to be clean and uncluttered – like a hotel room: beautiful, functional, and easy as shit to clean. 

It just blows my mind.  We want a child.  There.  I said it.  It doesn’t quite roll off my tongue smoothly yet.  How do I plan for something I’ve never even took the time to think about or consider?  My two thoughts ever about it have been One, do I want them? Yeah.  Having a kid or two could be great.  I think I could be a great mom.  Having a kid is your whole life when you have one though, and that’s the reason I can either have one or not and be okay with it.  Two, I’ve also thought about my current condition, example being if I’m late I consider if I may possibly be prego so I should be drinking? 

After a few minutes (okay a day or so) of thought, here’s the goal laid out: We want to sell my house and get a manufactured home for my sister.  We want to clean, organize, and bring his house to date.  We want to have a child (but we’ll both be fine if we don’t).  We want to have a home and land in the country. 

Time to draw the map.

1) 2 Weeks We need to to come up with a plan on exactly what needs to get done to make his home our home base and a timeline for it.
2) 1 Week We need to discuss with the realtor his advice on what he thinks to be our best move concerning my home.
3) 3 Months We should at this point assure that we have the proper coverage (wills, insurance, savings).
4) 2 Months I need to research the whole child thing.  I have only a small education in that area.  That’s obviously important!

I can’t go further at this time because there are too many variables and I think it would be wiser to seek information from professionals in these different goal areas before deciding in the next steps prematurely.  That would only play out with me wasting time now planning out steps that would most definitely not need to get done.  So after these steps are done, I’ll draw in the missing parts of my map.

The motivation for this will be pretty much all of Pinterest.  Ken.  My possible future baby Ken.  The hopeful future I have of being a virtuous wife.  Respect I’ll earn.  The comfort of a great home base.  The fun of hosting people in a nice home.  The relief of stress once the big family warden drama is taken care of.  The possible diy fun I’ll have with the house.  The freetime I’ll have when everything’s well on the way. 

I can reward myself for step one by taking time off to tackle the house.  Step two by getting something nice for the house.  A reward for step three would be buying something online.  Step four would earn me something at any store.


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