Onto the next goal category.  Spiritual.  It’s hard be specific in this goal.  I feel like the whole area is so widespread.  Over your whole life abd everything in it, you know? 

Knowing this isn’t going to be the only goal I can ever achieve after I set it really helps though. 

So what is the most important?  I want to change the world.  That’s a faith thing.  I need have strong faith in order to achieve this goal.  So I suppose my goal should be to strengthen my faith. 

What is considered a strong faith and how do I strengthen my faith?


I visualize a someone with a strong faith as someone who believes in the Lord without any sense of doubt.  They devote themselves completely to God in the way of revolving their lives around their religion.  They have a fear of the Lord and feel no entitlement.  They aspire to please the Lord first before themselves.  They put aside time each day to communicate with God and study his word.

Some ideas to grow my faith are to form some friendships with other Christians, study the bible, memorize verses, pray more, go to church to learn and praise.

I like the idea of being a Proverbs 31 woman.

Let me get myself set straight.  Putting all this together makes my goal more clear.  My goal is to become a good example of a Christian.  I want to erase any doubt from my mind where my faith is concerned, learn to live for God instead of myself (following his rules instead of choosing to follow them as they are convenient), be kind to and serve other people without hesitation and with love, and be educated on His Word. 

Here are the steps I plan to take to get there:
1) 1 Week I will list any doubts.  Then I will research them.  I will list in a prominate place the reasons I believe that God is real. 
2) 2 Weeks Start to tithe my ten percent.
3) 2 Weeks I will repeat making a goal of doing ten good deeds a day but I won’t stop this time (I thought it had become habit last time).
4) 2 Weeks I will set time aside each day to study my bible.
5) 1 week At this point I will look into any doubts I have and prove them wrong.
6) 3 Weeks I will stop complaining and when others complain I will not join or get mad, I will bless them
7) 3 Months Start going to church regularly and get involved with a group of other Christians
8) 2 Weeks Sign up for 3 daily newsletters to keep focused
9) 3 months Make a regular schedule for volunteering
10) 1 month Become as productive as possible using better time management and self discipline – not forgetting to rest on the Sabbath
11) 1 Month Budget and plan wisely for my family
12) 1 Month Speak and act only with patience and wisdom.  Have complete self control.

My motivation for doing this is not complicated.  God gave me life.  He offers me salvation in forgiveness from all the times I’ve screwed up.  Who can say that they don’t want to go to Heaven? Personally I can’t wait to see my grandma again.

As far as rewarding myself for each step? Christian merchandise after every successful step yo.


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