Changing how I Change

I’m absolutely one hundred percent disgusted with the amount of aspiration I can have and yet not be able to get anywhere.  I say I’m going walk the walk and I always mean it.  I can list a thousand reasons why I usually fail to achieve these goals: tired, head ache, too busy, loose sight of my motivation, etc.  I need to change this endless insanity. 

I need to figure out what I am doing wrong and how to change it so I can at least get onto the path to a better life.

Within just the last year I’ve made a wedding budget, made a goal of working out, made several attempts at cleaning up my diet, and formed several budgets I’ve been unable to stick to.  The list goes on and on.

Trying to figure out why I don’t reach my goals and it seems to all conclude down to two basic reasons.  First of all, because I’m tired and not feeling well.  Which is stupid considering that I will never feel well if I never complete these goals.  So that’s why that circle exists.  Second, I have no motivation to complete my goals successfully probably because I don’t decide on exactly what the goal is and I can never remember exactly why I want to achieve most of them.  That one I will say of probably caused by my failure write down the goal, why I want to reach the goal, and the steps to achieve that goal. 

Throughout the time I’ve been keeping this journal blog thing I’ve noticed a very valuable thing. With the things I want to change in my own life and things that are commonly sought after by others, there is basically no difference.  In this way,the path of my own life runs parallel to many others.  This makes everything I want to accomplish so much easier because their are others who have gone before me in research, ideas, and testing.  Thanks to the time I live in all this information is very easily available.  Another great thing is that I get the information as I want or need it and can from there tailor it to me specifically, anyone else have Crohn’s disease, bipolar, and want to change the world?

Where I was going with that was the bit of research I’ve done and the options I’ve found most helpful in goal setting and reaching.  Most people have heard these steps and many people probably think they have tried them, like me.  Thinking about it makes me doubt though.  Did I make a good enough plan, try hard enough, have a worthwhile goal, make it detailed enough?  Here’s the helpful info:

Empress of Dirt



Alright!  This is a good start.  Now I have a plan to plan my goals, let’s see how people stay on track with them and what kinds of motivation work the best.

Some people stay motivated by rewarding themselves or visualizing the end result.  Having a motivational board is a fun idea.  Keeping a list you can look at to remind yourself in detail why you set that goal (example: work out for more energy).  One way to.stay motivated that I find awesome is to get motivated in the first place.  Like, passionate.  The more the goal means to you the more likely you’ll achieve it.  Mostly in summary, the way to stay motivated is to make sure that you have the right amount of motivation before you start and that you set yourself up for success by devising a detailed and do-able plan.

I’m starting to feel like this is a goal setting plan that might actually get me somewhere.  Cool.  Now to set some goals.  Not too many but let’s say one for each area of my life: family, spiritual, financial, and health. 

My health goal is to be strong, fit, and healthy.  My financial goal is to be out of debt, have three months savings, and have a feasible retirement plan.  My spiritual goal is to have an unshakable faith and center my entire being around God.

My family goal is the insane one.  Ken wants to have a kid.  I have always said I could have one or not and be fine either way but the idea of being a mother is so…strange and new.  If God’s will leads us down that path then my goal will be to go beyond being the best partner I can for Ken and to also be the best mother I can be. 

It’s even so strange just to refer to myself as a possible future mother my gosh.  What would that be like?!

Now to break the goals down so I don’t give up.  Again.  Like a loser.

My goal is to be fit and healthy.  To me this means being strong enough to get through my day without becoming worn down.  I think I should be able to lift sixty pounds without too much struggle and run two miles without collapsing.  I would like to have a steady beauty routine instead of the continuous on again off again shenanigans I have going now.  I would like to eat only foods that my Crohn’s can digest and that is fuel versus empty calories.

The steps I need to accomplish to achieve good health are:
1) 2 Weeks Start fueling my body right. I need to make a weekly plan of what I’m going to consume and prepare as much the day before as possible.  I will use my fit bit to make sure I stay within the right number of calories and nutrition, and to hold myself accountable.
2) 2 Weeks I need to start walking.  If I’m going to be able to run two miles then I’ll want to start somewhere.  I’ll start with one walk around the block each day.
3) 2 Weeks If I want to get stronger, the fastest way to do so is to strength train.  I need to watch out for core exercises since they tend to leave me in pain, so I’ll start with a simple every day workout of pushups, backward pushups, and those thigh thinner pushy up thingies that I don’t know the name of.
4) 2 Weeks I would like to get into a regular beauty routine.  Since I already often use the app Regularly, I know that it seems to fit the bill perfectly for this.  I’ll start with just applying mascara and making sure I floss daily. I can add on a regular schedule for making sure my body hair, nails, and skin are maintained. 
5)2 Weeks The next logical step would be to increase my walking distance, so I’ll up that to one mile per day.
6) 1 Week If I’m eating right and exercising more now than I should start making it a point to hydrate.  Four cups of water is more than enough to have me peeing clear so I’ll do that.
7) 2 Weeks I don’t think I’m quite ready for the gym yet but I can definitely start trying a different home workout.  I’ll rip one out of shape and then do it once a day until it’s not difficult, then I’ll choose another one.
8) 3 Weeks Now that I have a basic hygiene schedule I’m just going to add to it.  I’ll add to Regularly my goal of doing my hair into something other than a pony tail a least three times a week.
9) 2 Weeks Walking a mile isn’t the goal, so I’ll make it two a day next. 
10) 1 Month Exercise isn’t something I want to be too routine so along with my daily workout, I’ll start going out and doing some kind of social workout (rock climbing, scuba diving) once a week
11) 2 Months After I get used to two extra miles a day, I’m going to start adding in a minute of jogging for two minutes of walking until I can jog two miles.
12) 2 Months Since the goal is to be able to lift at least sixty, I think if I get this far I can indulge in a home weight set!

To keep myself on a time schedule I’ll set myself a reminder on my calender to check in after the goal time period has elapsed.  To help hold myself accountable and to remember, I’ll use Fitbit and Regularly as reminders till habits are formed.  This is cool.  According to this I can reach my health goal within a year!

The rewards I’m going to bribe myself with are the following, chosen whenever I finish a step:
1) Something at the book store 2) Continue gel nails 3) A 4 day weekend at the ranch 4) A facial 5)  The rest of the J.A. Jance audio books I haven’t listened to yet 6) An overnight trip to Orlando at Ripley’s Believe it or Not, the mystery dinner, and a hotel 7) A three hundred dollar shopping spree 8) Get dogs groomed instead of doing it myself 9) Go to the zoo 10) Any project at Michaels 11) An item from Etsy 12) A new Stephen King book

If I get off track I will remember that I am getting healthy for quite a few important reasons.  First of all because this is the temple that God blessed me with and I should take care of it, especially not to harm it with the gluttony and laziness.  Secondly for my family; my husband will be impressed and attracted to me and if we do have a child, my body will be in the best condition to start their existence.  Third because I am so overwhelmingly sick and tired of feeling like crap.  Fourth because being unkempt is physically and mentally uncomfortable. 

I will keep a motivational board on Pinterest for inspiration.  I will read shape to keep motivated. 

I’ll work on the other three areas later but I feel much better than when I started writing today.


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