Pups and Prayers

I’m just going to do the damn thing and just get it done.  If my dogs can be so happy all the time and so energetic all the time and never ever complain and always love everyone and every activity that needs to be done and not consider exercise a chore but to find it a privilege and an adventure!?  Even Sasha with the abuse she lived through, the pain she suffered, the loss of her lifetime pal, if she can do it…I think I can strive to at least accomplish living a more successful life than the typical pup.

So here’s the prayer I ask today: please God, please,please,please,please,please give me the mental strength to stop being a lazy, gossipy, cranky, unmotivated, unadventurous lady.  Please show me the path to becoming a bright, shining light of the example of what someone with a strong faith in you (the All Powerful Holy Spirit) can accomplish.  Help me be the best me I can be for your will.  Amen!


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