A very zen feeling

This week’s project is the hallway.  After a quick discussion which occurred after a bit lengthier brainstorming/Pinterest searching session, we’ve decided to do the floor all at once throughout the house.  I’m happy with the way my own home came out with how I had stuck to a central theme (simple and beachy).  Being able to flow from room to room with a theme in mind keeps the house flowing and not so cluttered feeling compared to just letting it fall together over years of collecting.  Our theme is going to be like a coastal spanish type deal.  My goals are to have simple, colorful, airy, beauty, while keeping it easy to live and maintain.

Anyways, back to the hallway.  I’m going to clean out the closet.  Bonus- we got awesome, beautiful new towels from the wedding and bridal shower!  I plan to get a runner rug to make the whole hallway look happier.  Terrazo disgusts me.  We’ve decided to hang Wedding pictures here which is a great place because it’s not too prominate yet most people will see them.  The light switch has been bachelourized.  It’s yellowed with what I hope are grease stains.  Yuck.  I can get or make a replacement for a kick ass touch. 

Luckily this small area isn’t in need of painting.  The baseboards are hideous but we’ll do those with the floor.  He agreed that if I buy a light fixture, he’ll replace the old ugly current one.  One last touch is yet to be decided on: there’s a lovely corner at the end of the hall that is screaming for some attractive peace of decor to totally make that hallway. 

I’m excited, this will rock! 

Also on the agenda for this week is to gather everything together for the honeymoon album.  That will be awesome. 


They had a flyer at the library this week about a school supply drive so I plan on seeing what I can donate.  I was never in a household where basic school supplies were hard to get so I can’t say I know how that is.  I do know that if I can help prevent one kid from being left out of any available education then I would love to do so.

As far as change, I’ve realized about myself that diet and exercise in the normal sense probably aren’t working for me because of boredom.  I got plenty of exercise on our honeymoon because it was all different and fun.  I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those ladies blogging that tell about the amazing deals they’ve scored on bulk foods that they pre-cook all on their cooking day and then just pull things out and do the nomnoms throughout the week.  Planning ahead does work for me and making extra when I do cook to be able to freeze some is fun.  I find it easier to follow if I only plan one day ahead though.  Not sure where to go with this info though. Hmm.

Something really cool has happened though!  Since coming back from the trip I’ve felt totally zen.  Calm.  Peaceful.  Like, God’s got this.  Chill.  I’m able to take this one task at a time and not worry about anything else because I finally get it.  We’ve all heard the saying if it’s meant to be it will be.  That’s a great saying but it seems like if God means you to get it done today you will


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