On the verge of a Change

It turns out that the week after returning from the honeymoon is just as crazy as the week leading up to the wedding was! 


We came home to several fires to put out with family.  One sister is mad and she keeps insisting that we don’t want her here.  That’s the older one with the real bad issues (drugs, mental, etc).  Evidently she peed on my youngest sister’s bed.  She gets mad a couple times a day and expresses it by telling us such things like she wished that my mom had died when she had her heart attack.  She even upset my friend, Amanda (who had driven all the way down with her two kids and was staying with us) so bad that Amanda actually ended up leaving early from her vacation.  I’ve given it a one hundred percent attempt to help her and she continues to respond by mentally abusing us the best she can, stealing from us, and getting messed upon anything she can.  Plans are going to have to change concerning her future since she’s made it clear on this trip that she is capable of some improvement and some independence but not enough to live in a house by herself.

My mom’s not taking care of herself and my youngest sister has jumped off the deep end with drinking and not bringing my car home type behavior.  Obviously that’s not going to fly.  My sister Fran is doing okay but trying to take care of everything and everyone is completely overwhelming her. 

I’ve lost a week on completing chores, errands, and tasks.  I think I can catch up but for today, man am I tired!

Both houses are wrecked and the bakery looks like it was hit by a malfunctioning wrecking ball.  All are returning to normal quickly, and at this rate in a week I’ll be past where I was at work and in both houses. 

I’m trying to hammer out the details of the new direction my sisters will be taking, pray with me.


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