Packing mentally

I’m so incredibly happy right now.  I’ve wanted time away for a grip now, and I’m fully appreciating every second of it.  It wasn’t a challenge to leave my work (both my job and personal) at home.  It’s our last full day here but I’m rested both mentally and physically and am ready to get back to the grind.  I don’t want to fall back into the same old routine and get burned out and fed up again so I’m setting things up a little bit mentally in order to go back. 

My biggest concerns are work, money, and balancing my personal time work/play time. 

About money, I’ll have to follow a stringent budget and set goals for myself.  Well.  For us.  Us. Our goals.  We need to set goals for us financially.  Got it.

Work?  That’s my biggest concern.  It’s pretty uncommon to be able to log onto the online resources smoothly.  When you reset your password it never works until you reset it again.  It seems like they spend most of the time with the site shut down to “perform maintenance”.  With all its instabilities though, they don’t hesitate to require us to use it.  Getting an e-mail saying that I have an important message on their site that I need review asap and then not letting me into the site feels like…well, it feels like the new norm for my work.  Sad. 

Anyway.  My problem there is that I feel like my life is gone, it’s nothing but get up, work, sleep, repeat.  I spend my days off anxious about having to go back.  I want to go to part time but if I could then Ken should also. 

I keep turning the problem around and around and the only solution is time.  With time and only with God’s timing will things change.  So I’ll be in the same routine when I start back up.  I can do it. 

I want to focus on including play since I must include work, so when planning out each day I’ll include enough play to satisfy. 

I’m rested.  I’m motivated to try harder.  I want to be the best wife, it’s what Ken deserves.  I am ready to fulfill my life’s mission in this world since I have my partner now.  Together, I think things will change rapidly for the better.


Back to today, we walked on the beach, Ken fed some seagulls that landed on our balcony, and we toured the island.


This island is very much to me a style of what Key West’s grandfather island would be.  It’s a good size, too. 



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