If this is just the beginning…

We are having so much fun.  Also, so much exercise.  This vacation is one hell of a workout program.  For the obvious honeymoon reasons (oxoxo) as well as tons of walking, swimming, scuba, and horse riding.  We both agree that these are the best days of our lives.  That makes me think; if this is just the beginning of our adventure, imagine all that is still to come!


We are learning a lot too.  I discovered scuba diving.  We got a refresher course on how to ride horses while getting a tour with a guide named Rusi and just us.  They have a big party field for things like carnivals and next week’s party is called LOL..Lots of Liquor.  Haha.  We also learned that the name of the highest peak in Antigua is Mt. Obama, changed when he came for a visit.  Due to the new name, Ken doesn’t even want to go there.  Well can’t say I blame him.


We are both getting quite tan.  Well, red.  Tan later.

We plan to do some traveling outside of the resort today.  Start with the shopping excursion that Sandals organizes and then take a taxi or a bus around the island to see some more spots.  We were surprised to find that with the right paperwork, just about anyone can by some property around here.  We were also surprised to discover the way the government handles things.  It’s not like in America.  Particularly by the way the millionaires have so much more freedom, to the extreme that one we saw even built land between two beaches, separating them.

They say they have huge theft problems with the goats and people taking off with just the meat, even just leaving the rest.  What a horror. 


Everyone is required to have a container of water to hold for when the government is not able to provide the water.  We were told that this island gets less rainfall than any others in the Caribbean, and in March they get none.  They only have water turned on at night and have to practice sever rationing. 

I find it endlessly interesting how many of the same plants and fruits we grow in America are called something entirely different here in Antigua. 

When I lived in Key West, there were a few museums and some history to be told about the island.  Here there is a very exciting, rich history.  The locals are very similar in attitude though!  Love it.


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