Welcome to a little example of Heaven

Sandals is amazing.  A dream.  Perfect.  I think I’ve prayed more in the last few days than in the last few weeks, and it’s not to ask for anything it’s to say thank you.


So after we were shown our room and had unpacked we decided it was time to grab some food.  We thought that since we had just arrived and were excited to see everything at the resort that the best way to choose where to eat first would be just to start walking and see where we ended up.  Luckily Ken thoughtfully took a picture of our room number as we were walking out of it since we both seemed to be suffering from room number dyslexia for half the trip. 

We ended up dining at the Courtyard Bistro.  It was good.  Ken thought it was alright.  They cook what you want right there and then dress it up with condiments and take it out to the Courtyard to eat. 

We’ve eaten at almost all the restaurants now and definitely Kimonos is our favorite.  The swim up pool bar was pretty freakin sweet too. 

We went to the cocktail party they offer every Sunday night.  It was alright.  They try to bring couples together and help people learn about the island. 

Sunday we ate breakfast at the Bayside Restaurant.  They offer a lot of buffet style meals here, abd they’re all good.  We visited the main pool and the beach.  Both were beautiful.  Back to the Courtyard Bistro for lunch, and Kimonos for dinner.  Kimonos is cool.  They bring you to the inside and get you drinks, then to a private room with other couples and cook in front of you.  After that, they bring you back outside at another table for dessert.


We stopped by Cafe de Paris on the way back to our room and I got a drink called a Sylvia and an awesome, giant, delicious eclair. 

Monday, we ate breakfast again at the Courtyard Bistro but I left Ken after a few minutes and went to the scuba class.  That took a few hours and was the most exhausting thing I think I’ve done in ten years.  After that I ran back to the room and grabbed Ken for some lunch at the restaurant on the beach (Barefoot by the Sea)then we were scheduled to go on a guided dive.  Sandals took us out to a shipwreck and Ken recorded the whole dive on his gopro.  It was one hell of a workout and I felt like a clumsy fool but it was fun.  We live to eat so we got some room service while we checked out what the gopro got, showered, and then ate at the Drunken Duck. 


Today was the Segway tour.  Antigua is really beautiful.  All the people we’ve met so far are happy and nice.  I got to try sugar cane which Ken loves.  Pretty good!  Using a Segway is fun but I actually think skateboarding makes it harder to learn. 

In any case I’m having the time of my life.  I’m so glad I’m with Ken.  I’m so glad we prepared well for this trip too. 


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