The best beginning of any partnership ever!

Sandals is amazing and I wish everyone got to go here.  When we landed at the airport in Antigua, we picked up our checked luggage and strolled out to the shuttle’s where we quickly located the Sandals resort stand.  The lady managing it was gorgeous.  Seeing her was just a first.  This island is home to what appears to be a land of amazing model type people.  Everyone seems to be smart, funny, healthy…just touched by the sun in only the way a true islander can be. 

Anyway.  At the Sandals stand the lady lets us know our room number and ushers us over to a taxi.  The taxis here are definitely not from the big apple!  They’re more like from the soccer mom’s nursing home.  AKA they are vans that are equipped to haul luggage, wheelchairs, and such as well as passengers. 


Our driver, Randolph (like the wizard) shows up and after tossing our luggage in the back and hustling us and one other couple from Chicago into the van, we’re off.  Like the wizard’s name he has, it’s like he magically whooshes us to the resort.  By whoosh I mean this dude was straight booking it.  We barely had time to blink before we got there. 

The island is hilly, with mountain/volcanos tossed throughout.  Green is everywhere, but not a bright green.  A lighter, duller green that makes me wonder about the amount of annual rainfall.  It’s a land of surprises.  I could have just rode around the island staring for hours.  There was a field where horses were grazing, but most of them were tied, not fenced in.  I say most because there was a baby hanging around it’s mama! How cute!

The island has lots of smaller homes and lots of big humongous mansions.  Both are unique and drew my attention. 

I was surprised that people drive on the left side of the road here.  The steering wheels are on the right.  It feels like my mind must be seeing this wrong.  Ken and I questioned each other before we took off from the airport on wether we thought we would be able to drive here and both said maybe.  That quickly changed to a definate doubt filled think not about a block from the airport.

Luckily Randolph thinks quick on his feet because people drive very quickly here.  It made me think of the way my old boss Omar said people drive in Jamaica. 

Getting closer to the hotel there was a big field with a lot of big goats in it.  It was pretty.  Really pretty.  Ha, people must be “kid”nappers around here though since the fence was barbed like a jail fence.


Arriving at Sandals we cruised through the security checkpoint and stopped by the lobby where are bags were taken and we were guided inside and sat with the couple from Chicago at a table with very cushy chairs.  They gave us an electronic registration to complete and champaign.  Then a fellow named Omar came and showed us to our suite.  It was awesome.  Comfy and up to date, beautiful view from the balcony, and a spare no expenses luxury feel. 


I’m writing this Tuesday morning and we’re off to take Sandal’s Segway tour.  More dreams tomorrow.


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