Journey to Honeymoon Land

Today I learned how to scuba dive!  It’s a lot of work.  My word.  Getting the resort certification is a workout.  I had fun though. 


Back to leaving the wedding though.  From there we drove up to Ken’s house to get his diving card and then over to Orlando.  It was a good sit..first time Ken drove the mustang.  It was funny having to lift the layers of fabric and tulle to let the a.c. in.  Ha.

To the Hyatt in Orlando International Airport and I’m standing in the lobby with the luggage while Ken goes to park the car.  Several people wander by.  A random guy goes past and tells me that I look very pretty.  Best, most sincere compliment like, ever.  Not hitting on me, not lying, just telling me that I did good getting ready.  Awesome!


Skip to dinner.  We check in. Get to our room, then decide to go get dinner.  The Hyatt has a few different restaurants and we chose the one with the wall of windows showcasing the runway.  It’s a nice steak and seafood restaurant.  For being so upscale and being in an airport I was shocked (seriously) when I looked at the menu and saw their prices: lower than average. 

They served us a chilled tomato soup that was surprisingly yummy.  We ordered crawfish soups and shared a side of spinach.  Good, but intense.  Gotta watch the Crohn’s yo. 

We slept great that night.  Neither of us wanted to get up.  Once we did, Ken was sure we’d be late (abd remained so until we got our boarding passes, got through security, and arrived at our gate) but I knew we’d be fine. 

I got a ton of pictures on the flight from Miami to Antigua.  Flying over water is actually way better than over land as far as sight seeing goes. 

Both flights went smoothly.  I started reading one of the few Stephen King books I haven’t yet, Mr Mercedes.  So far, it freaking rocks!  I was surprised by the k-9 unit in the airport looking like Bella.  Both flights were full even though it’s evidently off-season in Antigua. 


Getting off the plane in Antigua was awesome.  Straight onto the tarmac like in Key West, colorful and culture filled island.  It is worn in a comfortable, beautiful way. 

Now that we’d made it to Antigua, we had officially began our HONEYMOON!


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