We’re at Sandals Grande Antigua now.  It’s absolutely gorgeous.  It’s a dream, beautiful.  I could and probably will cry at the perfection of all this.


So, back to where I left off in my last post; arriving at the wedding.  It feels awesome to be the bride climbing out of the car at the wedding.  Just saying. 

Michelle’s dad, my Uncle Homer (and my escort down the aisle) directed us all into the reception hall and gave chantel and Colleen their roses to carry.  I was busy gawking at the beauty of the reception when they pulled me to the back door of the clubhouse.  It’s all class in the back and I could see the rest of the wedding party all on the bridge going over the sand dunes to the beach.  When they were all starting to head to the beach we were just about to head there when all of a sudden a whining noise rang out and we all whirled around crying BELLA!!! 

Thankfully my Uncle was there to grab us and remind us that there were all those people waiting on the beach in the heat and sun!

So finally we headed out.  I have a blank spot here because it seems like all of a sudden Homer and I were standing together about to cross the walkway with him asking if his tie was straight and me asking how we would know when it was time to walk down there.  The sun was so bright, the sand so soft, the waves crashing so…so just right.

And suddenly, everyone was waving for us to come now and all eyes were fixed in our direction.  It was time.

So down the aisle we stumbled (it was sand, give me a break).  Up at the arch it was brighter then being on the sun itself (or so it felt).  I laid my bouquet on the table and admired how pretty it was with the bible, our sand ceremony bottles, the boxes of butterflies, and shells scattered around. 

The bridesmaids and groomsmen each read a verse, ending with Chantel.  She read hers beautifully with tears of emotion filling her voice.  Then we repeated our vows after our officiant, Michelle.  We both had tears in our eyes and kept losing our place.  When that was done she said “Okay it’s time for some wings!”

I was absolutely delighted by the twist in words.  The butterfly release was a thousand times more beautiful then I could have imagined.  They were still waking up and so when Jordan and Mikey opened their boxes the butterflies flew around slowly and most landed around and on us!

I had one on my left hand and two went straight for my bouquet.  Their attraction to my silk bouquet gave me a case of the giggles the whole rest of the wedding.  I adored how the painted ladies were cute, they had a bit of fuzz on them and were small.

So, surrounded by the butterflies and the faces of people we love in all directions, we exchanged rings.  Kissed.  The sand ceremony fell into place with the grace only our God could have provided.  Kissed again, and Michelle declared it time for everyone to head up to the clubhouse for beers and air conditioning.  Applause at that!

After a quick photo session (it was boiling out there!), we headed in ourselves.  Crossing back over the dunes with Ken as husband and wife was straight bitchin’!

The applause when we walked in was thundering, and the humongous grins on our faces must have looked unreal.  Honestly, it hurt my cheeks.

The reception went so well!  The food and the cake were awesome, Jen, Chelsie, and Jordan all helped me bustle my dress.  Arlene got us to dance to a burning ring of fire.  Bella had a blast drinking from the drink ice buckets, begging for food, and being pet by all those people.  The toasts were perfect.  Chantel, Jordan, Mikey, and Steve all burst out with words so touching and true that we will never forget them. 

The cake cutting included a bit of sword fighting, threats to stab the cake, and where I was supposed to give him his bite…I ate it..hey, it was that good!  The first dance was nerve wracking.  I can’t dance.  Everyone clapped though so evidently we pulled it off passably. 
Everyone loved it, everyone looked so happy.  We got what felt like a billion compliments on the decor and I’ve never been complimented so much on my looks!

The bouquet toss was awesome, Bella wanted to play too.  My cousin Cheryl caught it.  She deserves a happy marriage so I’ll pray for that!

The garter toss had everyone rolling.  Nobody expected him to pull out the granny panties with “I heart to fart” on them, or the caution tape! Hahaha!

When he finally got the garter though and through it, it went straight for the single kid, Kyle, who jumped away from the cootie covered thing.  Luckily Nick saved the moment and scooped it up.  Good, he needs a gal.

My heart broke for a moment when my mom and I locked gazes.  She told me she was so happy I found happiness.  I so wish she could have had this too.

Homer came up as we prepared to leave and showed me the butterfly enclosed in his curled palms.  His face was filled with such wonder and delight that I couldn’t mention that it had sat, calmly flapping, on my bouquet throughout the whole reception. 

Finally, we were off.  More hugs, applause, and the awesome circle of life song playing.  We are married.


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