I’m his wife.

I didn’t think that it would make much difference truth be told, I mean, it’s a party, a marriage certificate, and a change of titles.  My thoughts were that the relationship and my life for the most part would continue on the same. 

What a beautiful surprise: we exchanged our vows and it changed my life.  I’m a Mrs. I’m his wife.  I call him my husband now.  We’re newlyweds.  I love it!

The wedding was a blast! It was like a dream, everyone loved it, it was more than I could have imagined.  the beginning of the day was horrifying to be honest.  Multiple alarms going off, the home security alarm screeching, my older sister screaming that she wasn’t going to the wedding, everyone flustered and exhausted.  Just…wow.  We finally got everything and everyone straightened out and set out on our way after hugs.  Giving little Sasha just a little scratch on her head and shouting bye as I left felt pretty guilt inducing.  The poor clueless pup has no idea how long we’re going to be gone.

After we had all piled into the mustang (we would have been screwed off it weren’t for my friend Amanda being there to guide us and remind us of last minute things), we headed for Hair cuttery.  My sisters kept yelling for me not to kill them until after the wedding but…I was only going ten over I swear!! 

The salon manager April and one of the stylists, Chelsie, were there already waiting.  A half an hour before they even opened!  They did an awesome job on all of our hair and truly made me feel like they thought my wedding was really important to them too.  They even handed out five dollar off certificates for the next time we come there and shampoo, conditioner, and a brush in little kits to maintain our hair after the big day.  Totally awesome.

While there I ran next door and got the toss bouquet that Carol Ann, our florist had put together.  I’m actually thrilled that the original hair salon had went into throws of shenanigans and caused us to change places the day before.  Being right next to my work, in the plaza I work in, and able to still have Carol Ann make a bouquet for me was surprisingly comforting. 

Once done at the salon, we lept back in the car and shot off in the mustang to my cousin’s beachside Hyatt hotel room.  I passed the reception clubhouse on the way there and WOOHOO! there was a full parking lot already!  I honked as I floored past and immediately my phone started in with a great burst of Cat Scratch Fever.  Of course it was Ken calling, and of course he hadn’t seen me pass, he was calling with a question.  We work like that.

Up at the hotel room my cousins Michelle and Roy turned on their awesomes, grabbed the keys to the ‘stang, and took off to turn it into the getaway car.  My sisters and I went back into freakout mode dressing.  Colleen French braided Jordan’s hair.  She did good but the rainbow colors in Jordan’s hair turned the braid into a freaking masterpiece!  After we got all together and after every one of us managed to wrangle in our wild bras that just kept peaking out, Michelle and Roy showed back up. 

She helped put in (on?) my veil and we all slipped our flip flops on and headed out.  The Hyatt has a beautiful display of driftwood in their lobby and we got pictures in front of it before getting into cars to head to the reception.  Michelle and Roy drove my maid of honor and I so we didn’t have to squish into the mustang in our dresses and Chantel and Colleen drove in the newly decked out getaway car.  I wonder how they enjoyed their five minutes of being lesbians, ha

I remember sitting in the car on the way there, holding my bouquet.  I was about to get married!  Everything was going perfectly!  It felt like the happiness was about to burst out of me.


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