Wedding Hustle

Ack.  I’m exhausted.  Just the details to work out and the week to celebrate.  My older sister is being the expected handful.  Work is the usual pile up of tasks and gossip.  To top it off I haven’t been able to sleep more than a couple hours each night.  The end of the list is within sight.  We have to decide on our vows, the seating chart, put the finishing touches on the bridesmaids gifts, and pack for the honeymoon. 

I have to prepare some activities for the kids at the wedding and  get a necklace to wear at the wedding.

It’s going okay though.  It’s coming together. 

Ken’s definitely freaking out.  He’s very overwhelmed with last minute tasks.  I want to help him but I also have work, the bachelorette party, people coming to stay at my house, people already at my house.  I’ll do my best to have his back though.  I think he’ll like the end result!

Wrote this 4 days ago and forgot to hit publish…


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