Wedding Week

I knew this week was going to be insane but this is wholeheartedly unexpected: my hair stylist decided for me that I don’t need my roots fixed (um, hello – my wedding is next week and I scheduled this appointment to get my sister and my hair dyed!).  She then proceeded to flop my hair around and did something with some rubberbands on the back of my head.  After about ten minutes of pulling and tugging and her telling me repeatedly that she’d seen this online, she looks up all expectantly and demands if I like it.  Considering how I can’t see the back of my head and how she didn’t do it anything like the hairstyle I’ve choosen for the wedding, and then acted like I’m an idiot if I don’t want flowers or glitter in my hair…now I’m off to find another stylist in under a week.

I asked my youngest sister to shave the cocker spaniel considering how I was busy and sick all week, so she ehh..”did”.  Umm.  Never Again.  I came home to fur all over the driveway and sidewalk.  A mortified looking Sasha, and a broken razor.  Poor, poor Sasha looked like she had been attacked by a preschooler with scissors.  Thanks for fixing that petsmart!

Next David’s bridal changes what they previously said from the steaming taking 1 day to I need to drop the dress off today in order to pick it up Wednesday.  Well, good thing I verified!

All in all its coming together slowly.

I can’t say enough times how hard that time of month kicks my ass.  I’m coming out of the fog of the last couple days.  Bout time.


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