Great Strides

I made great strides yesterday. 

On being virtuous, I did alright.  I helped my youngest sister build her resume even though I think she’s more than capable of doing that herself.  I ate much healthier than what has become the norm recently (at home in itself was a good start).  I kept up a good, motivated attitude most of the day but I did have a few outbursts of excitement here and there that…ahem…may not have been showing the most dignity ever displayed…

Ken and I got a lot done on wedding preparations also.  He finished spraying the shells, they are all so different having been painted by different friends and family.


I ironed and folded the napkins.  They turned out awesome!  I filled the bottles for the sand ceremony and put our initials on th



These colors are beautiful together, especially for a beach wedding.  We are both ecstatic with how pretty everything is turning out. 

He tested the sound system and went over it with our friend Nick who is going to handle that part.

I also made the Champaign glasses for us yesterday.  Ken has a severe over-abundance of dishes so finding a matching pair in his kitchen was easy.  I used the airbrush to spray some purple an


d blue on the glass, wrapped ribbon up the stem the same way we did my bouquet, then we glued pearls onto them and finished by adding a butterfly to each one.  Tada!

First thing this morning is church and then I hope that another productive day follows!


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