Broken Change

I broke my routine.  How important is my routine if I remain busy from getting out of bed to climbing back in?  I need to get enough sleep or I’m useless.  I got enough done to feel good about the last day or so. 

That’s cute.  A routine is a routine for a reason, I just gotta get into it.

Too much shit hitting the fan this week. I feel very overwhelmed. 

Mom’s out of the hospital.  Theynever figured out why she’s slurring her words and falling say I’m worried is under exaggerating. 

The list of things still to get done before the wedding is daunting.

Now we’re having to throw in a dinner the night before to organize the plans.

My stomach hurts like a bitch.  Doc started me on a new medicine normally used for ulcerative colitis. Giazo.  A new medicine, not proven.  Hope it works.  He also told me to use ginger in my diet, haven’t done that yet.  He told me to drink aloe Vera juice…I did.

Fuck that stuff.  It’s so nasty I wouldn’t even feed it to a dead pig.  Nastier than bacon vodka.  Seriously.  Ugh.

As usual here’s another change thrown at me during me writing this.  I hate this change;

Then.  Bobby’s dead.  Hung himself.  I’m shocked.  I don’t know what think about it really.  Why would someone do that? What about his mom?!  Was he drunk and didn’t even realize what he was doing?!  Is my friend Melissa going to make it through this?  Bobby was to her what my friend Scott is to me..and I don’t know if I could make it through if this happened to Scott.

I have a lot to think about. 



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