How to Stop Cats from Pooping in the Garden

I’ve gotten through my routine 3 days in a row now!  This is very good for me.  I feel happier mentally when I’ve been more productive.  The extra exercise may be the process of getting my body stronger but for today, I’m just tired. 

I finally got the tablecloths ordered last night.  Who knew tablecloths were so expensive? Damn!  I’m going to ask mr. boss if I can take a few additional days off work beforehand.  I have the vacation time but who knows with those people.

Speaking of those people.  I’m rather frustrated at the amount of drama in my life.  There’s my little sister -who I’m actually for some reason shocked that she has another boyfriend so soon- there is me, who makes just about every situation into a crises…and then there are my co-workers who like myself have no tact.  We all act like we think we do but…nope. 

I can try to keep my mouth shut but then I feel like I’m letting myself get stepped on.  Today my problem was this one particular co-worker who always complains about every single thing, acts like she’s better than everyone, and lies straight to your face.  Come on..drop a package on my cake and then just say oh well?  Kiss my ass, lady.  WWJD? I dunno, strike her with lightening?


As far as seeking to understand, I think I do.  She’s a lonely old lady.  She has very low self confidence but she for some reason acts as if she’s top dog, or should be top dog.  
Maybe the best thing to do here is just let it go and pray.  I can talk till I’m blue in the face and I have no doubt it will not change her thought process.  I remember saying quite a while ago that there are people that can adapt to change and those who those who refuse all idea of it.  Well..WWJD?!



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