Wedding Turtles


Yesterday was fun.  I didn’t get my routine completed-again-but I did get quite a bit done.  I woke up with another headache so that stopped the idea of working out or running.  I did, however wake up today without a headache.  That’s become rare so I’m grateful.  I’ll try again in a few days, I know tomorrow I’ll need all the extra time in bed I can get with working extra hours this week.  Still trying for just one week straight.  Crap, even two days in a row would break my current record.


Anyway.  Yesterday was fun!  My sister Fran and her boyfriend Rice Man came over and we tye died all the napkins for the wedding.  Then we painted some more shells and decided on the hanging decor for the reception.  Ken’s got the stand for our guest book/my surf board made, our arch made, his ring made, and the sign made, and today we made my bouquet.


  Yep.  We are actually pulling it together!



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