Nopenopenope change.

I got day one..then I got a migraine. Still have a headache today so tomorrow will be day one again.  I am going to do this though.  Just not with a migraine.  I’m not going to pretend that could have been avoided or that self discipline could have made it possible to power through it.  They just suck.

Then I got another migraine.  Two days.  Tired.

I’m having a difficult time wrapping my head around the text I woke up to.  My youngest sister has been frustrating me, making me feel disrespected in my own home.  I let them both live down here and use my car and house and everything in it for just the cost of half the utilities. 

I feel like neither of them appreciates the opportunity in the fact that they can take this time to get into college, save up for their own cars, etc.  While the older one is respectful and helps out it’s the younger one that I’m concerned about.

I knew she would be more difficult to work with. I had written her up a very long and detailed e-mail that she agreed with before moving down.  It detailed everything from bills to the air conditioner not cooling the house enough in the summers.  I also got my fiance, other sisters, mom, and our family friend all promise to help me with her before agreeing she could help.

Now that I’ve done all I can think to do and she is still unhelpful, disrespectful, and hasn’t caught up on her bills for even a single month…I think it’s time to leave. 

Nobody else agrees and nobody else is willing to lift a finger to work with her. 

So what?  I can’t rely on anyone, even my own fiance to have my back in this type of situation?!

I’m pissed.

Then the youngest sister texts me this morning saying she feels like she’s back at her dad’s house.

That one. Single. Statement. 

Too much.  She went too.far.

He was abusive, lying, neat freak, controlling. 

I’m not him. 

I’m furious, hurt, distraught that even if she didn’t mean it that she be so hurtful as to accuse me of being like that bastard.


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