You’re a snail Gary (mow)

Change is slowwwwwww.

I was so mad all day today, and the dumbest part?  I knew it was illogical and felt like I was acting stupid the whole damn day


I think I’m going to go back and round up all the previous changes to make sure I’ve at least made progress on all of them before continuing onto the next one. 

1: Meditating-I keep this blog as a journal
2: Attitude-this is a long term change that incorporates other changes within it.  I’ve come a long way in a good way, but still have a long way to go!
3: My Health-Another long term change that incorporates many other changes within.  My dozens of attempts at a regular exercise routine haven’t worked.  My diet hasn’t improved.  But I do get more sleep…
4: Fix my Financial Situation – Okay sure, I’ll start here by saying that my situation is much better than it was BUT I totally lack organization and self discipline.  Especially where food is involved.  Right now I’m in the middle of carefully tracking every penny for three months and sticking to a rough budget.  The tracking part is working…
5: Drink Enough Water – I had a learning process for this one.  First of all my body is great with exactly half the daily recommended amount.  Much more and I get a headache.  Also, I’m about a million percent more likely to stick with this habit with a reusable water bottle to keep with me and a flavor addition like Mio to add taste.
6: Come Home- I have found myself preferring to live in Florida, and on the Space Coast particularly.  This is when I moved from Key West back to Melbourne.
7: I’m getting Married- I found the perfect partner and I’m going to be with him forever.
8: Be Who I Need to Be- not who I want or who others want
9: Rest and Delegate: It even says in the bible to rest.  All books on success say to say no sometimes and delegate.  Now to find a way not to feel guilty about it.
10: Life after Saab- practicing living in the present has only recently been accomplished.  Stopping and taking in all five senses brings you back and gets you focused on the now.
11: Improving my Memory- This is definitely working and you get out exactly what you put in on this one.
12: Becoming Ambidextrous- Practice makes improvement yes…but I’ve been slacking
13: Developing the habit of lucid dreaming- yeah talking about slacking.  It’s hard to get back on track when you’re tired.  Considering I’m in bed with my eyes closed.  Ahem.
14: Finding Spiritual Rest- After making peace with the past and future, I can rest in the present.  Time is slow improvement here.
15: Trust God to make my Future- I shouldn’t stress about the future.  God has a plan for me and whatever happens wether I cause it or not, won’t change those plans.  Another change that leads to living only in the present.
16: Change my Method of dealing with my “Work Life” – I refused to be held underwater, unable to breath in my job.  It is a job.  Not my career, just a temporary stop.  I’m sure God’s put me here for a perfectly good reason.  Probably to finish growing my patience.  After changing several things that bothered me the most, I’m okay most days now.  Okay.
17: Create- I’ve decided to CREATE the change we need in this world. I just need to start creating…
18: Living Mindfully- I need to practice (again) being in the present.  Living Mindfully.  Only in the present, when your mind is at rest can you hear God’s voice.  Is so hard not to let my mind race to my next task or turn back to dig into the past. Still a work in progress.
19:  Simplifying- Decluttering everything from my mind to my routine and our houses is going to take forever.  I’ve got a routine that works for most of the month but I would like to see this change become reality sooner than years in the future..
20: Career Change- I’ve got the calligraphy set ordered but that could take months of practice just to start.  I need to come back and reevaluate this one.  Something needs to give, so the plan needs to change.

Yeah.  After going back through here I’m going to spend a little time sifting through here getting myself back on track improving each change.


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