The Zombie Walk

I feel like once a month (guess what part?) My mind fills with fog, my joints are switched out with someone fifty years my senior, and I feel like the motivation has been sucked from every pore.  I also feel like, ever since consciously making the decision to work with my body, that I’m able to prepare for, get through, and not feel bad about not being a machine.

The last couple days have been some of the worst I can remember, mentally.  I really feel like I’m trying to live through a dream!  Ugh!  Anyone want to guess what time of month I wiped out on my skateboard and broke both my wrists last year? 

Anyways.  Enough on the subject of why every woman hates Eve. 

The next stops I’m going to make for the wedding is completing the favors, prepping for the ceremony, and prepping for the bathroom prep.  Somewhere along the line the tablecloths need to get ordered..but I think it’s coming along.  I won’t be completely ready a full month ahead like I was going for but I am so well on my way that I’m not worried about it.

Sasha’s coming along great.  She’s fully recovered from her emergency surgery. She hasn’t been in a crate in over a month and she’s poddy trained successfully.  We got some eye drops to reverse the cataract in one eye but the other eye is bad enough so that only survey would help that.  She gets along great with Bella now AND Max AND Gizmo (Ken’s cat).  Big improvement! Huge!  Praise Jesus!



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