Crappy Jokes

Sometimes I’m preparing to start a project when it occurs to me that there’s no f-ing reason for it.  Like no cause.  Like no effect.  Just.  Silly.  Ya’ know?

Case in point; why was I looking for a recipe to practice making a sub for the wedding?  Uh no. 

I’m pretty sure I can, as an American human, make a sandwich without practicing the art.

Speaking of art, the crew members (of which I once was one) at Subway are called sandwich artists.


So I can check that off the wedding planning list.

That’s not exactly my top priority today though.  My stomach is insane.  Horrible cramps.  Swollen.  Need the bathroom near. 

So I called in again.  I feel bad again.  What can I do?  This has been a bad month for me Crohn’s-wise.  I’m making an appointment with the dr today.  I’m going back on a simple diet no matter how much I don’t want to.  I can’t help the way I feel today but I can look for other avenues of income so I can work with more flexibility from home.  I’ll get through this, guilty feelings aside.  I hate the guilt of calling in even though I KNOW it’ll be better for work and I both!!!!! I’m afraid people won’t understand or they won’t care or even that they’ll think I’m just full of shit (pun intended). 

The hilarity of the level of irony of being both bipolar and having Crohn’s Disease is shitty (pun intended).

I’ll do my best today, between trips to my bathroom, to find a way to balance all this.


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