I’m not Dr Who

Yesterday was alright.  I need a little more rest than work today though.  My to-do list is out of my head and onto paper but my mind is still racing through all the things that I could get done today if I wasn’t commanded to rest.  Living in the present isn’t supposed to feel like this, oops. 

Perhaps if I was Dr Who, living in the past, present, and future would be fine.

Well I can’t rest with my mind only full of what I need to do next…so I need to focus on the now.  Perhaps this is like being me and nobody else (which after forcing myself to do, actually became habit again after just three days by the way – WHAT!).  Perhaps, it’s a habit I need to form.  Only this one is going to be more work I think since on the inside my mind feels like a hoarder’s home. 

Along with taking baby steps to separate my emotions from this relationship (enough to strengthen the relationship), I’ll try to learn how to stay focused on the now.  A lot of people wear bracelets to help them remember stuff or form habits.  I’m going to use my Fitbit bracelet and associate it with staying in the present.  When I think about the Fitbit I’ll remember to stop and focus, I’ll take in what I can from all 5 of my senses, and I’ll see how many details I can find in my current surroundings that I hadn’t previously observed. 


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