I think I got it


I swear I’m going to tackle this simplifying thing.  I’m going to find a routine that is doable, makes me feel good, and gets enough done.

Starting with my mornings, what my ideal morning would accomplish would be running, working out, listening to the news, getting any hygiene stuff like showering out of the way, praying, taking care of the animals, and making my bed.

I work each morning at either 6 or 8 and try not to sleep too late on my days off.  If I don’t want to plan on getting up at two thirty, I’ll need to shorten this routine to say…and hour and a half each morning.

It takes me about thirty minutes to run and about ten to work out.  It takes about five minutes to feed the animals and less than that to make the bed.  I can accomplish showering and all that in the fifty minutes I have left if I can pray and listen to the news while I get ready.

So that’s 1.5 hours down and I see no reason or way to cut any of that. 

On the days that I work it takes me about an hour to commute each way and I work 9 hours a day. 

That’s 12.5 hours.  Add the 8 hours of sleep required, and that leaves 4 hours left over.  What is the best use of that time for me?  I need an hour of leeway, so I’ll give myself that.

I need a night routine that incorporates all the chores and errands, cooking actual food, and includes down time to read, socialize, whatever.  I use regularly to keep track of when my chores need to be done and often delegate from that list. If I know I need to squeeze these things into a mere 3 hours then I’ll give myself an hour to work on chores. Then I’ll prepare food for dinner, tomorrow’s breakfast, and tomorrow’s lunch.  Since I’m not an…ahem…gracious cook…I’ll just say that any time left over after cooking is my free time.  There.  Daily schedule while working DONE!

Out of my two days off, one is the Sabbath.  The other I can maintain the same morning and evening routines but instead of working I can fill that whole time with a mix of chores and free time.  DONE!

Learning to live in the present while maintaining a routine? Since my night routine has an hour of leeway, plus publix offers sick and vacation pay, plus chores will be decided when that hour comes up, and food can be rushed, then I can handle any crises time-wise.  That leaves me free from worry about the future and knowing I give each day an above average attempt keeps me from dwelling on the past most of the time. 

Backing up from my relationship?  Well the last thing I want is to upset Ken and my anger upsets him.  I’m really not sure how to untangle my string from his and instead run my string parallel to his.  My goal isn’t to back out of this, it’s to back up.  A baby steps approach sounds like the best bet here; start with not making my schedule form around him.  Then spend some afternoons apart.  A few activities, trips, or days completely separate…I just need to be a little less anxious when apart or inconvenienced by his sudden decisions and changed plans.


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