Routine change

Keeping routines bore me to death.  If that is what it’s going to take to solve the hell my moods keep throwing me into then fine.  I was fine this morning but now I’m exhausted from work and staying up too late last night.  I feel like I suck because I didn’t get anything done (again) today except get my ass to work and back. 

Now I’m up way too late (again) playing a game.  That will help.  Sure. 

I’m reading a book on self discipline and it says that if you can’t stay calm during a crises than solving it will only be done emotionally, black and white.  If you can stay calm then you can step back and see the problem in it’s entirety, including the shades of grey.  This is umm..obvious? Well known?  A waste of space taken up in that book?  The book then goes on to explain how to solve the problems that occur in your life using some steps it then lists.  Okay, but listen dude; you kinda missed the part about self discipline there and that frustrates me!  Obviously if I knew how to control my emotions when a problem arose, then I wouldn’t have bought a book on self discipline would I?!

So now what?  Gotta try to stick with the routine I guess and keep using this mood journal app, maybe it can help.

On the other hand, the wedding plans are still coming along swimmingly – Ken got the arch built and poured his ring.  Both look cool.


Also, Ken got some of the broken off parts of some of the plumaria trees from the Polynesian resort in Orlando where he’s been working a lot lately.  Cool that the gardeners remembered he had asked for anything that was trimmed or broke when he was there last week!



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